Flyer printing is one of the most effective ways in marketing, and companies can benefit from gaining increased sales and customers through flyer distribution. However, if you don’t use the right materials or even fail to wow the clients with the design, you could end up hurting the business instead of helping it. It is best to study designing, flyer printing, and selecting the best type of paper that you need for the project or ad campaign to ensure success in sending the right message to your target market.

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Here are the attention-grabbing tips that can help:


  1. Make the flyer stand out – flyers should pop out to grab attention, and this what you must keep in mind. The competition can be challenging, which is why you need to show the quality of your business. You can use bold and eye-catching colors and fonts to get the attention of your customer. The images should set the mood and must be striking at the same time.


Headlines should be memorable, trendy, or witty that can surely grab one’s attention. You can include in the title the words “proven,” “guaranteed,” “instantly,” “awesome,” and “free.” Use words that invoke action.


Think about the benefits, and the message should be straight to the point. What’s in it for the customers? Use bullet points that highlight how your business can help them.


Make sure to proofread your work too to avoid grammatical errors that can damage your company’s reputation.


  1. Choosing the right kind of paper – this is very vital to the success of the flyer campaign.


Glossy type of paper creates a professional look that makes the color pop out, inviting the eyes of the crowd, making it excellent for laser printing performance, and its durability allows printing on two sides of the paper. However, the downside is its glossy exterior may show dirt, most especially if it’s used over and over again in high-traffic places, and for this, the matte kind of paper could be the best option.


Matte has a soft appeal and is mostly used by photographers and professional business owners. Matte can absorb the light, deflecting glare, and it won’t smudge or stain. Do you want the designs to pop, or do you want them more relaxed?


If you are using black and white ink, choose colored paper that can come in glossy and matte finishes. Vivid presentations and images may use premium paper that can give a smooth feel, and it’s also resistant to smudge and smear.


You can also choose recycled paper when printing flyers since its quality is equal to the brightness of the virgin paper.


  1. Printing tips – this is the final process, and you’ll just have to remember a few important things:

– Medium-sized paper for flyer templates.

– Using full color is most professional-looking.

– Choose colored paper for black and white ink.

– If possible, use glossy ink.

– Choose durable paper.

– Print in bulk to save money.


Well-designed flyers represent the business, creating a first and lasting impression on the audience.