We all know by now that leaflets and flyers are among the most effective medium of advertisement. Not only they are effective, but they are also inexpensive, too. However, it is still not advisable to let a neighborhood kid go out and distribute your advertising medium. After all, you must consider your flyers as one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy.

You don’t have to worry about finding a reputable company to do your flyer distribution. Here in Singapore, it is relatively easy, simple, and affordable, if you know where to look. A little research and you will surely find a reliable flyer distribution team. Moreover, you must also consider other factors when planning a flyer campaign.

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Flyer Distribution: How to Distribute Flyers

Door to Door Flyer Distribution

One of the most common ways to distribute flyers is through a door to door or via mail to their mailbox. According to research, over 79% of recipients are more likely to respond to flyers that receive on their doors.

Through Distribution Staff

Of course, flyers can also be distributing person to person, and with the help of trustworthy distribution staff, you can get your flyers to the streets, malls, and other public places. It is also a great time to distribute flyers during public events. But make sure to do a little research about what type of people will be attending the event.


You can also have your flyers displayed right at your store or in the lobby of a hotel, office, etc. A designated dispenser is all you need for this, plus, of course, you will need the permission of the establishment management.
Don’t worry if you think you’ll be running out of ways to distribute flyers. There are a lot of ways! Just open up your self to creativity and you’ll come up with more unique ways of flyer distribution.