Flyer printing and flyer distribution are some of the most inexpensive methods of promotion and advertising, but it depends if you are doing it right. Business owners need to make sure that the flyers are effective to maximize the resources invested and also hit the return on investment goal.

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Effective business flyers can be created by following the tips below:


Tip 1. The content is brief and precise.

The most important things you need to consider are the size and the design of the flyer since you need to make sure that it can hold the needed details and attract readers at the same time. Do not put unnecessary information.


Tip 2. Your copy should be divided into digestible sections.

Make sure that the sections have headings that are pleasing to the eyes of the readers.


Tip 3. Make use of bullet points as well as infographics.

Summarize the details through bullet points and the use of charts to easily make it easily understandable.


Tip 4. Head-turner headline.

It should catch their attention upon seeing the headline.


Tip 5. Call-to-action is recommended.

Once the reader has understood the information in the flyers, they should find the call-to-action part using the words “Order Now” or “Call Us” etc.


Tip 6. Directions and contact details.

You should include the directions of your physical store since so that they can easily find you. It can also be used as a future reference by your prospective client. You should also include contact info and place it at the bottom part of the flyer to make it easier for the reader.


Tip 7. Proofread the content of your flyer.

Seeing mistakes in the content of your flyer is a huge no-no! Spelling and grammatical errors can have a huge impact and could discourage the reader at the same time. Always proofread and make sure that whatever is written is not highly exaggerated.


Tip 8. Communication is key.

Once you know your target market, you can plan your marketing strategies properly. Use the language that is more understandable by your specific audience.


Tip 9. Use enticing testimonials from your previous clients.

Make sure that the testimonials are well-written. The reviews should be specific on what your business offers.


Tip 10. Use the right color combination.

In marketing, using the right color is very important since it can evoke emotion to your potential customer. Enhance your message by applying the colors that match your campaign or message. It is highly recommended to choose full-color printing.


Tip 11. Font sizes should be limited to 2 or 3.

The fonts should be visually organized. The fonts should be readable to all even from a certain distance.


Tip 12. Choosing the right paper is crucial.

The paper should match the kind of flyer campaign that you want to have for your business, it should be durable and good in quality too.


Tip 13. The paper coating can be applied.

You can do this to help your flyers last longer or adding another layer to protect the paper.


Tip 14. High-resolution photos are important.

Crisp and clear photos are highly recommended.


Tip 15. Businesses logo should be added to the design.

Brand recognition through the use of the company’s logo is vital as well.


Tip 16. Distribute in a strategic location.

Distribute the flyers to areas where your target market is located.