What’s great about flyer distribution is simple: it works! Flyers are a tried and tested method that has been used for centuries. They are cheap, fast, and can have anything you want to put on it. The trickier part is how to distribute them – do you want a door to door flyer distribution Singapore, posting of flyers on the walls, or simply hand them out to people. Any way you choose, flyering is a proven marketing method if you know how to do it properly.

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Effective Flyer Marketing

Use a bold headline.

The use of company names as headlines is not advisable for flyers. Keep in mind that flyers are not business cards. Headlines that catch the attention of the receiver can greatly help in making the first impression, which is important in guaranteeing sales. Customers aren’t really interested in your brand name, what they want to know is how can you help them or how can you be of service.

Use call-to-action phrases.

First thing to do is use a bold headline to catch the attention of the receivers. But that doesn’t stop there. Once you get the prospects engaged, you have to make them do what you intend them to do, that is make a purchase or avail your service. So, how will you do that? Adding call-to-action phrases like “Call Us Now”, “Buy Now” or Like Us on Facebook” are just some of the examples. It is also ideal to use phrases that will make customers come back for the next purchase, such as “Get 20% off on your next purchase” and so on.

Maximize ad space.

Although it is cheaper to print on one side only, it would be better to have your message printed on both sides – which means you will have more space for more information about your product or service. For a slightly higher cost, we think that the flyer distribution charge will be more worth it.