Flyer distribution can be considered as a low-cost advertising method that is ideal for small, medium,
and large scale businesses. Flyers are a great way of introducing a new brand, product or service and promote them into the local community.

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Considering Flyer Distribution As Marketing Method

Are you considering flyer distribution as one of your marketing options? It is crucial to give a clear message. Every marketing message must be strong and clear; conveyed clearly, quickly, and creatively. Visualize the message in various ways. Remember, flyers must be captivating and convincing – your potential customers must like what you offer, just like in love at first sight.

It must be short but unique, snappy and memorable. The flyers are not usually picked up by people, flyers are being handed out to them and most of the time, people are unwilling to take them. So, better yet, let the message be clear and let the message catch their attention and shout on to them. The initial goal is to stir reaction, regardless of what kind of reaction it is.

Focus the message on the customer instead of on your company. Potential customers do not really care if you have decades of experience. What they want to know is how you can be of use – what can you offer to make their lives easier?

Yes, you need to inform them about your contact details, logo, company name and all, but focus on the customers. Let them know they are your main priority. Offer them the best things that you can offer – if you need to kiss them on the feet, then do. Show them how passionate you are in serving them; show them loyalty and love.

It is also a good idea to offer a discount. If you want to nudge your customers to the right direction, give them discounts. Since you are trying to make sales, giving discounts can bring potential customers to your doorsteps, and at the same time help build a loyal customer base. Adding a discount usually yields better results. Offering cheap flyer distribution rates gives the recipient a small nudge to get your offer.