Flyer printing and brochure are two of the most popular marketing pieces used in promoting a product or service. There is actually a difference between the two which is not clear to many. The difference is partly in their intended purpose and partly physical characteristics.

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The common physical appearance of a flyer is a single, unfolded printed sheet of paper with design and other details about an event, service, or product. It usually has a very simple or precise message that can easily be understood by the reader. It is mostly printed on an 8.5” x 11” sized paper to keep the cost at minimal, but flyers can come in different sizes as long as it is easily handled. Flyer printing is usually done on one side of the paper, but there is no specific law that prohibits anyone to print on the other side.


A flyer can at times be considered as leaflets, handbills, circulars, or inserts since it depends on how it is used. It is commonly distributed by hand in a certain location where most of the target audience or customers can be found such as trade shows or events, high traffic areas with many passersby.


A flyer can also be tabbed and folded as a self-mailing piece or also called as “mailer” or be included in envelopes. Flyer printing can be done in full color or black and white.


The flyer’s life is short since it is mostly used to announce a one-time event like a special promotion or grand launching which is why the type of paper that is commonly used is not heavyweight. For a more professional looking flyer, it uses thick paper so that it can last longer and the reader can keep it for reference especially if it contains product specifications and instructions.



A brochure has similarities with a flyer but one of the main differences is that it usually has printing details on both sides of the paper. The paper is folded, creating multiple panels or pages with information. Common folds used include the C-fold, double gatefold, etc.


Brochures can also be made from multiple sheets that are bound together. The simpler and smaller brochures are sometimes called as pamphlets.


The brochures have different custom or standard sizes and a heavyweight paper is usually used. It is designed and made to be more durable because it is mostly kept longer and referred to. It can commonly be printed in full color and has a sheen coating from UV or Aqueous.


Brochures are not distributed the way like the flyers are done. It is handed out by salespeople once there is initial interest from a potential client. It also incurs more printing costs compared to flyer printing.


Flyer printing and distribution are two important marketing tools that can be used by businesses and organizations. You just need to identify the purpose of your marketing strategy to choose the right tool to use.